Since our inception nearly three decades ago, ChangeGroup has been evolving and innovating.

After all, innovation is at the heart of our success and we dare to experiment in creating new paths.

Innovation is often about taking concepts and ideas seen in one setting and applying them in new ways. It could be something technological or it could be more fundamental, but at the end of the day we innovate to improve and modernize the experience for ChangeGroup customers and investors.

VIP Tax Refund Lounge

ChangeGroup has been a pioneer in providing tax refund services to international shoppers. Recognising that international customers desire a high level of service and luxury surroundings, we worked with international design agencies to create something special. Customers can take a virtual ticket at Bicester Village before returning to do their tax refunds and exchange foreign currency in order to continue their shopping experience.

Bicester Interior Image

World’s First Moving Shop

Who would have thought that a service depot entrance on a busy shopping street would make a popular place for a currency exchange branch? Carl Bailey, currently a ChangeGroup divisional director, spotted this potential opportunity.

Change Group Australia goes mobile video

The small unused space would mean a low rent payment on a prime shopping street and following some discussion and planning, our global head of design, Hans Van Rijswijk, worked with local and international teams to develop a shop on wheels that parked itself at night into the loading bay. Each morning the moving shop would lock itself into position where it transformed into a popular currency exchange spot during the busy daytime hours. 

Forerunners In E-Learning

Alongside our in-house developer Tarmo Haud back in 2003, ChangeGroup’s Estonia-based operations team were pioneers in creating a sophisticated system for all of ChangeGroup’s e-learning materials, from videos to written training documents to exams and other resources. This modernized set-up provided ChangeGroup’s employees all around the world a consistent approach to development and training, regardless of their location. The innovative system enabled ChangeGroup to meet and exceed the Investors in People values and standards.

Advanced Security Since the Beginning

Security and compliance systems protect our customers and is a topic ChangeGroup has always taken seriously. From remote security, AI driven regulatory compliance, 24/7 remote CCTV and much more, we surround our systems with some of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated security and compliance equipment and software. Since the beginning, we’ve experimented with a wide range of remote viewing technologies and have gone on to develop new and modern tools and processes to ensure we are meeting and exceeding security regulations and expectations.

Work-Life Balance Learnings

Back in 2000, ChangeGroup was looking at ways of modernizing our employees’ work-life balance, enabling them to choose their own hours and location for each particular month. With market research showing a great need for such a system in a range of industries, it became an innovative undertaking for our talented human resources staff around the world to develop and test.

Now Open On Weekends

Still in the early 1990s, tourists had very limited availability to currency exchange services, which were typically restricted to normal business hours between Monday and Friday. On weekends especially, they were typically stuck if they ran out of credit on their cards or if they wanted to exchange cash to the local currency. In 1992, ChangeGroup’s Bette Zackariya felt it was time to do something about this gap in the Copenhagen market, helping us to launch an all-new seven-day-a-week service in what became the first of many new countries and cities to take this new approach to meet our customers’ needs.

Real-Time Dynamic Currency Conversion

More recently in 2015, ChangeGroup launched its globally-recognized and highly-innovative currency conversion software platform. Currency Stream, as it’s known today, provides international travelers with the option to withdraw money and to make payments from credit card terminals in their home currency. Providing real-time dynamic exchange rates, Currency Stream was originally launched on ChangeGroup’s own Pan-European ATM network before branching out to other global customers.