Global Cash Market

Global Cash

Cash accounts for 85% of all consumer transactions worldwide (Retail, Transport, F&B, etc).

Cash is great store of value in uncertain times.

Demand for cash is growing in absolute terms and cash in circulation as a % of GDP in relative terms has increased from 8.1% in 2011 to 9.6% in globally.

Typically if a ChangeGroup branch refunds and exchanges $20m a year, 80% of that money will be spent in the mall, with dramatic benefits to retailers.

Total Value of Euro Banknotes in Circulation (€ Billions)

* Source: European Central Bank, 2017 

Cash use spectrum

* Source: MasterCard Advisors “Measuring Progress Towards a Cashless Society”. 

Why does International Tourism Matter?

* Source: World Travel & Tourism Council 2017.