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Core Values

Core Values of ChangeGroup

Serving more than 5 million customers each year, ChangeGroup is an award-winning global currency exchange company with over 120 branches across Europe and Australia. Ensuring our customers are receiving the products and services they need means our commitment to five core values that support our vision and mission.


We are a strong, global team, dependable, honest, fully compliant, highly skilled and experienced consistently delivering fabulous customer service.


ChangeGroupers are active, dynamic and positive.We market appealing and convenient services, branches and websites.


Passionately driven to achieve the agreed objectives, we are humble, work hard and celebrate great success.


Our people are our future. We nurture our global family of customers, co-workers, partners and charitable causes with empathy.


We find creative solutions. We use our global resources to reduce risk and profitably improve processes, products and services.